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last updated: September 21, 2023

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Scanning Electron Microscopy Lab (SEM)

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The "Automated Mineralogy Lab" is equipped with a field emission SEM and light microscope for thin section mapping. The Zeiss Sigma 300 VP Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope is equipped with a Zeiss Gemini column, two Bruker Quantax Xflash 60 mm² SSD EDS detectors for quantitative element analysis, one variable pressure secondary electron detector (VPSE), one high definition backscatter detector (HDBSE), one Inlens detector, two Zeiss ATLAS correlative microscopy systems, two mineralogic mining automated mineralogy systems, and two reservoir mining automated pore analysis systems. The SEM is applied for high-resolution automated surface imaging (Zeiss ATLAS), surface morphology imaging of uncoated, unpolished samples (Low Vac, environmental SEM), automated quantitative mineralogy and porosity mapping of thin sections, fast automated search of specific mineral phases (i.e. sulfides, zirkons), grain size/shape analysis and mineral paragenesis analysis, and cathodoluminescence analysis (with VPSE Detector).
The ZEISS Axio Imager M2m is optimized for automated transmitted/reflected light thin section mapping. It is equipped with four objectives 2.5x, 5x, 10x, and 20x (optimized for reflected light), polarized transmitted light / motorized reflectors for polarized reflected light, a motorized stage, a high definition digital camera, Zen Blue Software, and a high performance PC for the analysis of GB-sized image data. The microscope is applied for fast full thin sections mapping for the correlation with SEM images and EDS data and fast thin section search for opaque phases like sulfides, oxides, etc.


Analytical Methods

  • Reflected Light Microscopy
  • Transmitted Light Microscopy
  • CL - Cathodoluminescence Microscopy

  • EDS, EDX, EDXA, EDXS, Energy Dispersive X-Ray Microanalysis, Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy, Energy-dispersive X-Ray Analysis, Energy-dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy, XEDS

Laboratory Keywords

  • Thin Sections