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  • AWI - Alfred Wegener Institute

    Permafrost Carbon and Nitrogen Lab (CarLa) focuses its efforts on the characterization of carbon and nitrogen vulnerability in thawing permafrost as well as carbon and nitrogen quantification and paleo-environmental reconstruction. The following parameters are recorded: bulk total carbon and nitrogen, total organic carbon and lipid biomarkers.

  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    FT-ICR-MS is applied for the characterization of polar compounds like NSO (nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen containing organic compounds) in fossil and recent geological samples (sediments, sedimentary rocks, coals, soils, and water samples), assessment of secondary alteration processes in petroleum systems (maturation, biodegradation, and migration), characterization of high molecular weight aromatic compounds, elucidation of molecular formulae and molecular imaging.
    GC-MS is used for …