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  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    The lab contains devices that can be used to monitor chemical and physicochemical parameters in natural and synthetic geothermal fluids. For instance,

    • A versatile fluid-chemical monitoring unit (“FluMo”) has been developed that enables online and in-situ measurements of a variety of physico-chemical parameters at different surface locations of a geothermal fluid loop.
    • The Fluidflow Monitor and Reactor Unit (FluMoRe), consisting of two 50 L stainless steel vessels, enables storage and …
  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    This lab is dedicated to mineral and mineral precursor synthesis using organic chemistry or advanced inorganic chemistry methods requiring special conditions, such as anoxic and/or anhydrous atmosphere or the use of hazardous chemicals. For this purpose it contains all the equipment necessary to perform almost any chemical process reasonably expected in synthetic chemistry. The lab is also used to produce starting materials to be used in other projects if obtaining them commercially is …

  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    In the Organic Surface Geochemistry Lab (OSGLab) of the Geomorphology section, the smallest of molecules and isotopes open a door to the past. In the OSGLab we conduct research on regional differences of the causes and effects of past climate change and variations in biochemical cycles. In some projects, we can determine the "traces" of climate change down to a decade, in other projects biogeochemical processes are traced over millions of years.
    In the laboratory, changes in the carbon …