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  • TU - Technische Universität Berlin

    Bruker M4 Tornado is an energy-dispersive micro-X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer for the spatially resolved analysis of elements with atomic numbers from 11 (sodium). The device can analyze a wide range of samples such as large, inhomogeneous samples such or small particles. The M4 is equipped with capillary optics that realize spot sizes of 20 or 150 μm. Samples: rock sections or crystals, max. 190 x 160 mm; Spot size: 20 μm / 150 μm

  • TU - Technische Universität Berlin

    The electron beam microprobe - EPMA is applied for qualitative and quantitative elemental analysis with highest spatial resolution and detection sensitivity. The electron beam microprobe is a Jeol JXA-8530F equipped with a Schottky field emission cathode primarily used for quantitative elemental analyses of high accuracy and resolution.
    With the JEOL JXA-8530F, both SE and BSE recordings are possible in COMPO and TOPO modes. It is equipped with 5 WDX spectrometers for wavelength dispersive …