Cathodoluminescence Microscopy

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last updated: July 19, 2023

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Cathodoluminescence Microscopy

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Cathodoluminescence microscopy is a technique to visualize in minerals and materials heterogeneities and internal structures that are invisible using pure optical methods (reflected and transmitted light microscopy). Internal structures of minerals become visible and are indicative of growth zoning, trace element zoning and structures allowing processes such as mineral growth, resolution and alteration to be reconstructed. Furthermore, it helps to rapidly distinguish optical similar minerals, like calcite-dolomite or monazite-xenotime. The instrument is an Olympus BXFM-F polarising microscope, equipped with a Lumic hot-cathode electron source and an Olympus XC10 digital colour camera with very high sensitivity.


  • CL - Cathodoluminescence Microscope

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  • CL - Cathodoluminescence Microscopy

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