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  • FU - Freie Universität Berlin

    Here we perform high-temperature and high-pressure digestions:

    • Parr pressure vessels,
    • Borosilicate glass Carius tubes at 220-250 °C and 320 °C (reverse aqua regia for Re-Os, PGE, Au),
    • Quartz glass vessels in high-pressure asher HPA-S up to 320 °C (reverse aqua regia for Re-Os, PGE, Au),
    • Glassy carbon vessels in high-pressure asher HPA-S up to 260 °C (HF-HNO₃).
  • UP - University of Potsdam

    The HT-HP-Laboratories comprises a vertical gas-mixing furnace (Carbolite-Gero STF 16/180) for for synthesis of glasses or crystals under controlled oxygen fugacity (f₀₂ conditions). Gas mixtures of CO, CO₂ and Ar/H₂ are possible or experiments can be run under atmospheric conditions.
    The laboratory further includes diamond anvil cells (DAC) and laser heating needed for own and collaborators' high pressure and high temperature research. In detail, there is a suite of different types of …

  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    In principle, an internally heated pressure vessel (IHPV) consists of a thick-walled pressure vessel sealed by closure plugs at the ends. In addition, there is a pressure inlet/outlet as well as several electrical leads into the vessel for power supply to and temperature control of the internal furnace. The equipment is particularly designed for experimental studies at medium to high temperatures (currently up to 1250 °C) and pressures up to 10 kbar. This P-T range is inaccessible by …