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  • FU - Freie Universität Berlin

    The TOC-L Shimadzu device measures total organic carbon (TOC).

  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    The Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon analyzer (TOC-L) measures total carbon (TC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), total organic carbon (TOC), and purgeable organic carbon (POC) in water samples. The instrument use a 680 °C combustion catalytic oxidation method, and provide a wide detection range from 1 to 30,000 ppm using a Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) detector.

  • AWI - Alfred Wegener Institute

    The hydrochemistry lab at AWI provides wet chemistry analyses of surface and ground waters, snow, ice and permafrost pore water samples. We have optimized the workflow for thawing samples and extracting pore water sediment from sediments and soils for further analysis. We analyze concentrations of major dissolved species in cationic, anionic and total dissolved form, and perform analyses of organic carbon. Standard parameters, such as pH, alkalinity and electrical conductivity of samples are …

  • UP - University of Potsdam

    An instrument (Elementar varioTOCselect) for measuring different carbon fractions (TOC, NPOC, TC, TIC) can be used for the analysis of both liquid and solid samples. The determination limit of the system is 1 ppm.

  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    The TOC Room houses the Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC-L-CPH) with ASI-L Autosampler, which is used for the analysis of total carbon, total organic carbon and inorganic carbon to study the carbon content of snow, ice and sediments from environmental samples as well as their biological and geochemical transformation processes. Prior to analysis, water samples are prepared under the SafeFAST Classic Class II Biological Safety Cabinet and stored acidified (pH = 2) in a refrigerator.