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  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    The static 1000 t laboratory press of Max Voggenreiter GmbH can be operated either with a Walker module as a multi anvil press or via a second hydraulic cylinder with a piston cylinder module (diameter 12.7 mm).

  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    A Rotating Multi-Anvil Press constructed by Max Voggenreiter GmbH is installed in the high-pressure hall of the GFZ. The apparatus consists of an 800 tons hydraulic press and a Walker-type multi-anvil module. The whole apparatus is rotatable by 360° perpendicular to the press axis. Schmidt and Ulmer (2004) demonstrated that by rotation it is possible to overcome common fluid/solid or melt/solid separation during high-pressure experiments. The press …