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  • FU - Freie Universität Berlin

    Complete Fission Track dating facilities are available at the FU Berlin. We have a fully equipped mineral separation laboratory for concentrating apatite and zircon. Facilities for mounting, polishing, and etching samples are in collaboration with University of Potsdam. We host a Zeiss © Axioplan 2 microscope with a maximum magnification of 1250 x paired with a Drawing Board VI ©, stage control, LED courser mouse and the FT Stage © software for counting and length measurements. Data record and …

  • UP - University of Potsdam

    The lab is equipped with a Leica DMR microscope with a drawing tube, a Kinetek computer-driven stage, a Calcomp digitizing tablet, and FT Stage software. A video camera is mounted on the triaxial head of the microscope, allowing a group of people to observe a slide simultaneously. At present, we are only analyzing apatites. However, we plan on analyzing zircons in the future.