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  • TU - Technische Universität Berlin

    Acid digestions of solid samples for main and trace element analysis are carried out in a modern digestion laboratory with special digestors that are also suitable for working with hydrofluoric and perchloric acid. The samples can be prepared as open digestions using the DigiPrep heating block system (SCP Science) or as closed digestions using the Multiwave 5000 microwave reaction platform (Anton Paar).
    The Vitriox Electric 4+ fusion unit from Fluxana is available for the production of glass …

  • GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

    For routine X-Ray fluorescence analysis, powdered sample material is fused to a glass disc. Therefore, the powered samples (grain sizes < 62 µm), as well as two Fluxana-samples are dried at ~100 °C, weighed, and melted on different heaters at temperatures between 400-1150 °C. The melt is then quenched to a glass disc and analyzed. We analyze major elements (wt% oxide) and some trace elements (ppm). Analyses are done with a PANalytical AXIOS Advanced.
    The XRF Lab is associated to the [ElMiE …