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  • TU - Technische Universität Berlin

    The Rigaku SmartLab is a multipurpose X-Ray diffractometer system equipped with a high-flux 9kW rotating Cu anode and a 2D-detector. The X-Y-Z table holds samples up to 20 kg in weight and allows mappings on samples with a dimension of up to 87 x 100 mm. The device can be used for powder diffraction and for µ-spot analysis on different types of rock sections. Samples: Rock powders, sections up to 20 kg and 87 x 100 mm; Spot size: 100 μm / 300 μm / 500 μm

  • DLR - German Aerospace Center

    The Planetary Emissivity Laboratory (PEL) is a special sub-session of the Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory (PSL) of the DLR in Berlin, devoted to emissivity measurements in of samples from low/moderate to high temperature (temperature range from 300 to above 1000 Kelvin).
    Emissivity measurements are recorded by using an external emissivity chamber (DLR-custom-designed) attached to a Bruker Vertex80V FTIR from the visible to the far-IR (from 0.4 to 150 µm), with a high SNR. Induction system …