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last updated: July 20, 2023

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Radioisotope Lab

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@ Section 3.7 Geomicrobiology
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This lab is specialized on radioisotope tracer studies involving direct measurements of the turnover or incorporation of radioactively labelled compounds. The following radiotracer techniques are employed: measurement of sulfate reduction rate with ³⁵S radiotracer, methanogenesis rate with ¹⁴C radiotracer, and methane oxidation rate with ¹⁴C radiotracer. The laboratory equipment includes a distillation setup for reduced sulfur species, a high-pressure thermal gradient incubation system, a methane oxidation oven and a scintillation counter.


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Analytical Methods

Laboratory Keywords

  • Methane Oxidation Rate
  • Methanogenesis Rate
  • Radioisotope Tracer Study
  • Radioisotopes
  • Sulfur Reduction Rate