Subsurface Hydrology Laboratories

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last updated: July 19, 2023

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Subsurface Hydrology Laboratories

UP - University of Potsdam
@ Environmental Science and Geography / Subsurface Hydrology
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The team of the working group Subsurface Hydrology deals with the underground aspect of the terrestrial water cycle - from soil hydrology to groundwater and surface water interfaces. In addition to the estimation of water flows, the water quality, transport properties and rates of different pollutants are of interest. In the laboratory the team works with non-invasive applications to obtain two-dimensional and three-dimensional statements on small-scale 2D and 3D data sets of different experimental set-ups, while in the field water dynamics and transport properties are investigated under natural conditions. The Subsurface Hydrology Laboratories at the Institute of Environmental Science and Geography are a laboratory complex and consist of several sub-modules. For more details, please see the individual websites.



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