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last updated: July 19, 2023

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High-temperature High-pressure Laboratories

UP - University of Potsdam
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The HT-HP-Laboratories comprises a vertical gas-mixing furnace (Carbolite-Gero STF 16/180) for for synthesis of glasses or crystals under controlled oxygen fugacity (f₀₂ conditions). Gas mixtures of CO, CO₂ and Ar/H₂ are possible or experiments can be run under atmospheric conditions.
The laboratory further includes diamond anvil cells (DAC) and laser heating needed for own and collaborators' high pressure and high temperature research. In detail, there is a suite of different types of diamond anvil cells, binoculars, a ruby fluorescence system (for pressure determination in the DAC) and a spark-erosion micro-drilling system (for preparation of gaskets). The Raman system is next door. Gas loading is available for Neon at the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ), section 3.6.
The CW infrared laser heating system is portable and has been commissioned for in situ X-Ray emission spectroscopy at Petra III, DESY, Hamburg.
The Internally Heated Pressure Vessel (IHPV), Harwood type, allows the experimental simulation of magmatic and metamorphic pressure and temperature conditions of the upper crust. The IHPV device belongs to the Geo.X joint lab at GFZ Potsdam.


  • Pressure Vessel
  • DAC - Diamond Anvil Cell
  • Gas-Mixing Furnace

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