3D Visualization Laboratory - Geosciences

UP - University of Potsdam
last updated: July 19, 2023

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3D Visualization Laboratory - Geosciences

UP - University of Potsdam
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The Institute for Geosciences at the University of Potsdam has a laboratory for stereoscopic projection and analysis of three- or multidimensional data (3D laboratory). The laboratory focuses on the spatial projection of complex data sets in order to visually analyse data structures and their internal relationships. Simultaneously, sonification and haptic techniques will be used to detect spatio-temporal patterns.
The laboratory comprises a computer cluster and a visualization platform. The computer cluster manages the massive amounts of data, performs calculations and controls the visualization. The visualization platform allows the spatio-temporal representation of the data through special projection technology. Users can interact with the projection system and thus capture the multidimensional relationships. A tracking system with various interactive tools allows this in situ communication with the data.
The core of the laboratory is a 3-sided virtual reality CAVE, open to academic partners, with a focus on user-friendliness: This is ensured by
(1) a fast and smooth data / model transfer from standard geology programs (e.g. Visit, MOVE, PETREL, ArcGIS) to the 3-dimensional visualization and
(2) the ability to modify models directly within the visualization cluster.

The CAVE consists of three 3.84 x 2.4 m projection surfaces (two sidewalls, one floor) with a resolution of 2 mm per pixel. The 3D stereo technology used is Active Stereo for small groups and Active Infitec for groups of up to ten people. Tracking includes head, flight stick and finger tracking.


Analytical Methods

Laboratory Keywords

  • Computer Animated Virtual Environment (CAVE)
  • Virtual-Reality-CAVE