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last updated: July 19, 2023

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Micro-CT Laboratory

MfN - Museum für Naturkunde
@ Science Programme Evolution and Geoprocesses / Department of Evolutionary Morphology
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In the Micro-CT laboratory, biological, paleontological, and geological objects are analyzed using computer-assisted methods. The laboratory is a hub both for research at the museum and for the digitisation of the scientific collections. In addition to various devices for three-dimensional scanning (a Phoenix Nanotom S X-Ray tomograph, an Artec Spider and an Artec EVA hand-held scanner), the laboratory has 12 powerful workstations for processing and analyzing the raw data using special 3D volume processing software. The laboratory is used by a number of different working groups and the research projects range from evolutionary studies to taxonomic and paleontological studies to geological projects, e.g. in the context of impact research. Services for external users are also offered.


  • CT, CT Scan, X-Ray CT, X-Ray Tomograph, XMT

Analytical Methods

  • CT, CT Scan, Computed Tomography, Computed Tomography Scan, X-Ray CT, X-Ray Computed Tomography, X-Ray Computer Tomography, X-Ray Imaging, X-Ray Microtomography, X-Ray Tomography, XMT

Laboratory Keywords

  • 3D Photogrammetry
  • 3D Surface Scanning